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Xtream WX Supports were created to give the G3TXQ Hexbeam that little bit more stability in extremely windy locations and Ice and snow build up and when fitting the 40m Di-pole kit due to its extra wind loading. I believe this is a valuable addition to the Hexbeam range and will ensure your Hexbeam will survive high winds and Ice storms. 

Each support is made of 12.7mm OD fiberglass tubing with a 3mm wall finished at each end with an aluminium ferrule to attach the tubing to the spreader and center post adaptor.

The kit adds 1KG of extra weight.



Centre clamp will fit around a ROUND tube only from 30mm OD right up to 50mm OD. Clamp is custom made for the task and is all stainless material. The 6 clamps that fit to the spreader arms are designed to fit 25.4mm OD (1 Inch) but can be adapted for smaller sizes that other manufactures use.

Kit will fit a range of Hexbeam manufactures but I will need sizes of tubes just to make sure the kit will fit your model.  

If fitting the 40m kit I strongly advise fitting the supports.




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