40m Hexbeam Di-Pole Kit.


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Requires a Separate Feedline & WX Supports Fitted




It has been brought to my attention that there is another Hexbeam manufacturer making an almost exact copy of the 40m kit that I personally designed.


Please be aware I only sell direct or through Giorgio IZ3KVD at www.Hamproject.it in Italy.


Remember, G3TXQ Hexbeams innovate we do not imitate.


The 40m single element kit comprises of:

6 x spreader extension arms plus fittings

1 x vertical extension arm plus fitting

1 x high power (1.5KW) matching balun to enable direct 50 Ohm feedline connection

1 x 40m wire element


3.jpg  2.jpg
Vertical Extension Tube Clamp assembly

Clamp assembly  + 20-6m Balun


5.jpg  4.jpg

Transformer Balun 1.5KW

Transformer Balun 1.5KW Extension Pole Mounting


1.jpg  8.jpg


New improved Bandwidth as of 12/9/2019 with thanks to Marc PC4U for his time and research.


G3TXQ 6 Band Hexbeam 40m single element add on kit


Some of you may remember the 7 band Hexbeam that was in production a few years ago. Due to the complexity of parts and time taken to make plus time vs profit the project was shelved until I could come up with something that could replace it and in some ways better it. After many months of testing, the new 40m kit is now available to retrofit to all my previously produced G3TXQ 6 band Hexbeams.

Advantages to the kit vs the old 7 band G3TXQ Hexbeam.

Weight, its only a few kg to add on to your existing  6 band G3TXQ Hexbeam.

Cost, you no longer need to buy a new antenna to get a 7 band G3TXQ Hexbeam, you just buy the kit.

Ease of build, it only takes approx 1 hour to fit the 40m element to the 6 band G3TXQ Hexbeam.

During the modelling of the 40m element I noted some significant points.

1.   Due to the shape of the 40m single element free space EZNEC modeling is showing slight gain of 3.77 dBi over the 2.14dBi of a dipole in free space which is approx. 75% of a single Db, OK not a lot BUT it is gain over a dipole which is important.

2.  With the base plate at a working height of 10m EZNEC shows the 15m element has increased its forward gain from 9.12 dBi to 10.35 dBi and the FB from 16.51 dB to 16.94 dB also the beam width has narrowed giving more rejection on the sides but forming lobes towards the rear.

3.  Due to the size and shape of the element the bandwidth is approx 175 Khz below 2:1 so well within the range of most built in radio ATU's. You can specify which freq you would like the element centered at so you can enjoy the part of the band you favour.

MW0JZE 40m Dipole at K6QY-v3

Many thanks to K6QY for provding me with this genuine SWR sweep of the 40M kit

These findings gave me the encoragment to pursue this project to the 6 band G3TXQ Hexbeam making it a very attractive addition to the already very popular antenna. 


Turning radius: 4.1m

Forward gain in free space 3.77 dBi

Weight approx 3.5KG


40m Element Peak Gain shown over a dipole in Freespace Dipole in Freespace = 2.14dBi


40m Dipole 12m Above Ground


40m Element With Base Plate 10m Above Ground Element @ 12m Above Ground



1 5m Element With 40m Kit Baseplate 10m Above Ground



1 5m Element Without 40m Kit Baseplate 10m Above Ground







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