JX7VPA - Jan Mayen 2011 DXpedition

I was asked a few months ago if I would help out with some sponsorship of a DX-Pedition run by Stan SQ8X to Jan Mayen Island, I was honored and excited of the prospect of two of my antennas being used in such a major activation of this rare island. Below is a passage from their fantastic website.

Good luck lads, hope to have you in my log!


Website http://janmayen2011.org/

Welcome to JX7VPA - Jan Mayen 2011 ham radio DXpedition's website. We are excited that we may share more news on our DX project with you since now.

After over 1 year of preparations and changes to our itinerary, callsign and more, we are happy to announce our itinerary is set and confirmed. The journey begins on July 2, 2011, when the team gathers in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and then heads for Jan Mayen island on July 4. All permissions and ham radio license have already been organized at relevant authorities.

We will sail on board on Aurora - a chartered yacht of the Borea Adventures - experienced and skilled company focused on sustainable tourism in the Arctic.

The destination of Jan Mayen is not a cheap place to go. Please consider donating to our project to help to organize the DXpedition.

Please subscribe to our Facebook page,  Twitter or RSS to follow more news that are about to come.

We are all very anxious to be at the island and to pick up your callsign in pileups! 


Paulo D2CQ Now QRV on Hexbeam

Big thanks to Paulo for choosing my version of the G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam.

Paulo has been active for a few months with the Hexbeam and I have spoken to him on air a few times with good signal reports.

His QSLM CT1IUA is shipping a rotator to him soon but at the moment he is beaming due North

Hopefully some of you will work him soon.

Many thanks once again Paulo

Bill Egerton GM8RBR

Hi Hex nuts,

Just had a nice write up off Bill GM8RBR on his experence of the G3TXQ Hexbeam, thought I would share it with you all, Many thanks Bill.





Firstly I am very satisfied with the hexbeam you supplied. The following details my experience building, mounting and using the hexbeam.

The hexbeam arrived well packaged and with no damage to the packaging or its contents.

The assembly took me approx 2-3 hours without any problems following the detailed assembly instructions. The parts are well manufactured and were assembled easily.
The assembled hexbeam was tested, mounted on an 8ft fibreglass scaffold pole, and the SWR reading across all bands did not exceed 1:1.3. At this time American west and east coast stations were contacted. Because of the wind conditions we experience I tywraped the 17 and 20 metre wire elements to the  mounting fixings on each arm to eliminate wind drag on the wire distorting the correct shape of those elements on
the antenna.

Mounting the hexbeam on a Tenamast took a few hours with the assistance of two local amateurs, scaffolding and ladders etc. due to the size of the assembled hexbeam and nearby obstacles ( mainly trees). The hexbeam is mounted using a 8ft fibreglass scaffold pole above two cushcraft 13 element 2 mtr yagis . The height of the hexbeam with the mast retracted is approx 27ft.( estimated 45ft when extended).

The hexbeam has been  used at this height due to the high wind and driving rain conditions we have experienced. The bad weather has not had any noticeable effect on the operation of the hexbeam and contacts have been logged in New Zealand , Japan, the east and west coast of USA and the far east. Contacts have been logged on all bands ( most on 17 mtrs ) with the exception of six mtrs . Received checks on six mtrs using the Inverness beacon are good compared with a 5 element  yagi , but no contacts have been made on this band.

Direct comparisons using a Cushcraft R7000 vertical antenna indicate that the hexbeam has increased gain of 2-3 db and significantly reduced background noise using a Icom Pro 3 as a test unit.

The next step is to wait for the better weather to extend the tenamast to its max height and see what effect this will have. It should improve the 6 mtr coverage .



Thanks for sharing this with us Bill,

73's Ant MW0JZE



Michel F5GNY QSL

Many thanks to Michel F5GNY for his fantastic QSL CARD design, fantastic installation, well done!

Merci Michel and GD DX!!



Ramsey Island EU-124 IOTA 2010

Back in July 2010 during the IOTA Contest the Strumblehead DX & Contest Group again embarked on what has become an annual trip for us.

Due to logging issues in 2009 we only submitted a "checklog"  and therefore could not judge how well or how bad we did last year. This year we were determined to give a better account of ourselves, I think we did!

Again we used 2 x G3TXQ Hexbeams built by myself with a 40m ¼ vertical with 62 radials and a full size di-pole for 80m. This year we had fitted 2 x Yeasu G250 Lightweight rotators for the Hexbeams, these work great and are more than sufficient for the job. We used 2 x Elecraft K3’s 1 x Yeasu FT 2000 with 400w amplifiers.

All power was from petrol generators as power on the island is from Solar and back up generators which are only turned on at night.

Ant MW0JZE (me)
Oliver MW0JRX
Chris G1VDP
Tony G4LDL
Q’s 1248
Mults 259
Score 2110332
Position 11 Click here to view table listings

Pleased with overall score, we did not have great conditions and things were a bit frustrating on times but a great holiday was had by all, we will be back.

73’s the Team!



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