Over the past 10 years we have picked up some tips from customers who have come across some minor problems and found cheap ways to remedy them. I will compile a list over time as I come across them.


Fitting the wires to the centerpost

In windy locations fatigue can take its toll on the wire elements especially where they attach to the Hexbeam centerpost.
With the constant moving back and forth the wire slowly becomes brittle and eventually snaps.


While this is not a big or expensive job to repair it can quickly become time consuming or costly if a tower has to be climbed or in extreme cases a raised platform has to he hired if a tilt over tower was not an option during the installation process.


Purchase a pack or BLACK zip ties/cable ties (must be black to avoid any degradation from harmful UV rays) the thicker the better as they must be stiff so I recommend 10mm wide minimum. Purchase another pack of smaller ones but again in BLACK, these can be 3mm wide.



The stiffness of the cables times will eliminate the movement of the wire as it attached to the centerpost and prevent the wire form breaking at this point due to fatigue.


Follow the process shown in the pictures below. 


Attach the large zip ties as shown and leave the tails approx. 150 mm long if possible.














Use the smaller zip ties to attach the wire to the large zip tie. Use 3 or 4 small ties.



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