Eham is a great portal to tell everyone what your experiences have been with all products Amateur radio related. It is also a great form of advertising for small or large companies and can give new customers confidence in buying new equipment when they read unsolicited reviews and opinions on that new antenna or radio you have been thinking of purchasing.

Hexbeams UK is a small family run business relying on a good customer relationship and word and mouth advertising to help sell our world renowned G3TXQ Hexbeam and associated items such as the Hexbeam 40m kit and the lightweight portable version of this great performing antenna.

We do ask our customers to leave us reviews from time to time but we will never force or coerce them into doing so. All of our reviews are genuine and unsolicited.

If you have purchased any of the products below and would like us and the Amateur world to know your opinion then please click on the link related to your product and write a few sentences of your experience.

Thanks for your time Ant and Laura (MW0JZE + MW6INK) G3TXQ Hexbeams UK


6 (SIX) Band Heavy duty Hexbeam

Some of the reviews date back 10 years; the Hexbeam has evolved over this time with customer input and some redesigning where we thought were appropriate. To see the up to date version of this antenna please click here


6 (SIX) Band Ultralight Portable Hexbeam


40m (7Mhz) Folded Di-pole



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Contact Ant MW0JZE

Manufacturing Hexbeams Since July 2009

G3TXQ Hexbeams Trading as Hexbeam UK since 31st March 2013

45 Amanwy Bryn Llanelli SA14 9AH

+44 (0)1554 785 002

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