7.5m Heavy Duty Aluminium Mast



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Tube Wall Thickness  2MM 
Max Height 7.5M
Collapsed Height 1.5M
Weight 6KG
Top section 30CM
Bottom section 55CM
Number Of Sections 6


Ideal for Hexbeam, Cobweb, small Yagis, Spider Beams and Quad antennas. Can also be used as a vertical antenna if erected to correct height or run through a tuner, it will also need to be insulated from ground.


Each section is 5cm longer than the lower section giving plenty of room for the heavy duty stainless clamps to clamp to the next section up. Clamps are secured with a 10mm Spanner.


It is advisable that the mast be guyed in two levels. For safety it is advisable that 15 cm of tube be left inside the lower section, a mark has been placed at this point, use caution when raising the mast and always check for overhead obstructions such as trees and power lines.






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