John 9M6XRO Hexbeam Leaves The Workshop

Many thanks to Tim M0URX for putting John 9M6XRO in touch with me regarding supplying him with a G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam. John who is originally from Scotland and holds the call of GM3OOK is now living in Malaysia. We both looked into shipping direct to him but the price was just ridiculous.

However not all was lost, John was to visit his home-town during the Christmas period so We decided to get it shipped to Scotland and John would take it home via the "oversized Luggage" route :-) The Hex left the workshop on the 14th of Dec and he received it the next day!

John is very active and loves the portable aspect of the hobby and as can be seen from the picture above. Hopefully John will be very active in the coming months and I can bag a few IOTA's off him :-)

Cheers John!



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