Xtream WX supports

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Sales price: £75.00
Sales price: £75.00

**If ordering to fit on another brand of Hexbeam please give me the diameter of your center post and spreaders before ordering**

While the G3TXQ Hexbeam is a very robust symmetrically balanced antenna Mother Nature is a powerful force that can cause damage to even the strongest of structure’s. The Xtream WX supports can help protect your investment in adverse conditions.

Wind protection
As the wind speed increases the spreaders are forced upwards and this can put a massive amount of strain on the spreader’s where they attach to the base plate and in time this can cause them to break. The struts will eliminate this as the spreaders cannot move in a upward motion

Ice protection
Ice can form on the wires, support cords and spreaders increasing the weight on them and causing the spreaders to buckle under the extra weight. The struts will eliminate this as the spreaders cannot collapse in a downward motion
All hardware used is aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel.

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