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7 Band Hexbeam 40m (Bent Di-Pole), 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 & 6M 


Note this is not a beam on 40m, it is a bent dipole and thus performs as a bent di-pole.

Main features:

• Increased vertical spacing for optimum performance 6 to 20m
• Full sized bent 40m di-pole stacked above 20m
• Separate coax for 40m to minimize 3rd harmonic interaction with 15m
• Balun supplied for direct 50 Ohm connection for 40m
• Small 4m turning radius, ideal for small gardens
• 7 bands one mast one antenna
• Xtream WX support struts fitted as standard for extra strength.

Due to its bent shape the 40m element has a loss of ½ to 1 dB over a full size di-pole but is less than half the size.

Below is an EZnec model of a full size Di-pole Vs the 40m bent Di-pole stacked above the 6 band Hexbeam at 12m ABG and again at 15m ABG over perfect ground. One advantage of the Hex is that you gain an extra 2m on your mast due to the height of the 40m Di-pole over the base plate, a standard 10m mast will get it 12m ABG.


Please note: Bent Di-pole 8m Total span full size Di-pole 20m total span


 Bent Di-Pole 12m ABG 

Full Size Di-Pole 12m ABG 

 40m-hex-12m-abg-az  di-pole-12m-abg-az


 Bent Di-Pole 15m ABG


Full Size Di-Pole 15m ABG

 40m-hex-15m-abg-az di-pole-15m-abg-az 


 Beta Test Hexbeam @ M0OXO QTH (CW)




Beta Test Hexbeam @ G4IDL QTH (CW)




Beta Test Hexbeam @ M0TAV QTH (SSB)




Beta Test Hexbeam @ M0UTD Portable QTH (SSB)




Beta Test Hexbeam @ MX0LDG Isles Of Scilly EU-011 Oct 2014 (Myself)


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